Dal 1982 mettiamo Design, Carattere e Tecnologia
al servizio del cliente, per realizzare insieme il bar perfetto: un luogo accogliente e funzionale che parla della nostra vita.

The bar is a magical space. The place where people seek solace from the hustles of the day, where they relax, recharge, meet each other, have fun. But most of all, it is the place where the bar professionals live. We in Artic like to think of the bar as a second home for everybody who attends it and for those who live it every day. A house should be friendly, functional, and should talk about us. An Artic café is a place where design, technology and nature come together to create innumerable and exclusive contexts.

Artic has been producing bar furniture and professional technology refrigeration for over thirty years. In a little further than three decades Artic has transformed itself from a small artisan into a real company, then becoming one of the major ribs of a mondial group. Courage, inexhaustible passion, and the gaze always propelled into the future, made this possible.

The company was founded in 1982 in Montelabbate (PU ): heart of the most important industrial district of furniture in Italy. Thanks to his very unique models, the company immediately achieved many commercial successes that have made the history of bar furniture in Italy. After that, the brand made a name for itself abroad, especially beyond the Alps. In 2004, the company was taken over by Clabo Group and immediately became the group’s choice for the bar furniture. But it was thanks to the new management that Artic celebrated his decisive quality leap: important collaborations with some of the best architects of this sector and their shaping of unique products. Nowadays, Artic’s adventure is continuing towards new and more important goals.

Elegance in lines and inimitable curves, these are the results of the most important designers of bar furniture. Stat-of-the-art technology, a wide range of solutions for cooling and storage of products, great attention to details, to the customers’ needs and to the perfect result. Today, when you choose Artic, you choose a concept, a vision, a new way to think about the environment, made up of design, efficiency and style.

Artic is a brand: