Plastics take their place at the bar.

Used for years by architects and designers in home furnishing and for household objects, both for indoors and outdoors, today they are used to characterise bar furnishing, as well. Malleable, versatile and resistant to wear, plastics can be transformed into new shapes thanks to the most modern technological innovations, with eye-catching lacquers that add a touch of surprise and irony, serious design and sparkling glamour.
A new concept in design that is on the lookout for new forms of expression in materials. Ductile materials lend themselves well to the most diverse creations, in every imaginable colour. Soft for easy moulding but absolutely shock resistant. Innovative, because they adapt to every taste and style. Even the most original!
Use colour to surprise, use colour to attract: the soft shapes of Lucky light up with fun colourful solutions. Play with your creativity!

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