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A profile of light.

A specially researched furnishing range that has combined flexible and modular designs with essential and refined style, top-level professional technology and cuttingedge lit style solutions.
The exclusive characteristic feature of this range is its special light-colour feature that runs along the edges of every aluminium profile to create a personal ambience.
The lit colours, which are available in white, red or blue to create a perfect synthesis of colour and reflection, have been devised to match the choice of materials and to enhance the modular nature of the design.
The furnished area extends along a continuous horizontal line that is barely interrupted by the stainless steel corner pieces, which have a special vertically lined finish. Columns and corners create light and reflections to form a delicate complementary and mobile design effect.
The particular reflections of each perspective intersect with one another, thanks to a specially devised system that is able to recreate all of the natural light of crystals. Shelves with lit profiles are the perfect colour-coordinated setting for glasses and bottles.
Unique complementary furnishing units enrich this design, which has been developed to have precise operating functions. These include the highly stylised hood above the coffee area or the exclusive refrigerating cells with clear doors to show off bottles and cans: an enticing view for the eternally indecisive.
Although remaining within the limits of a highly professional technical design, creativity shines through in the choice of colours, materials, modular alternatives and lighting combinations. Personal furnishing tastes, from the sophisticated to the bizarre, will be able to find inspiration and solutions in this range of units.
The back counter units have a perfectly horizontal linear design, with specially added mirrors and shelves. Every area, even the smallest, will seem to increase in size, while work spaces are alternated and emphasised in a perfectly balanced fusion of styles.

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