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Change nothing, so that everything changes.

Take the opportunity. Do not change your bar counter, just transform it. Just an act: remove the old panel, put a new one and it is done…
In fact Zelig changes, transforms, revolutionises your café. Nothing was changed. But everything changed.
Your own café. It is not a common one. It is not un unknown one, without shapes, without elegance. Indeed, it is your own café, where nightlife happens and midday friendships and love affairs strike up. It is the place where gossips are whispered and philosophies are spoken. Zelig is our little kind of magic.
Oggi è il colore. Domani il metallo. Poi il legno. Non ci sono limiti: la fantasia è il tuo unico confine. Con Zelig scegli il tuo bar. Giorno per giorno.
Transforms, changes, turns, colours, disguises, discovers, paints, enhances, enriches, decorates, varies, revolutionises, embellishes, adorns, renews, enchants, bewitches, seduces…
Zelig transforms your café. And it’s not just a matter of words.

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